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Custom Parts

& Tooling

Grand Machine and Design crafts custom-machined parts and tooling for diverse industries like Automotive, Aerospace, and Medical.  We’re experienced in precision machining of crucial components with tolerances as fine as 0.0005 inches (0.0127 mm) or tighter if needed. From prototypes to intricate machine parts and assembly jigs to comprehensive processing cells, our expertise covers a wide spectrum.

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Jigs & Fixture

Enhance Manufacturing Efficiency or Ensure Precise Adherence

A large focus of our workload is devoted to crafting custom jigs and fixtures tailored to solve our customer’s challenges and meeting needs. Understanding our clients’ products guides our design process, aiming to enhance manufacturing efficiency or ensure precise adherence to specifications.

Our designs serve varied functions, from aiding manual assembly by securing and aligning products to inspecting dimensions and key features using sensors for validation purposes.

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Structures & Framing

Effective Solutions for Manufacturing Floor Applications

We’re well experienced in crafting custom ergonomic workstations, adjustable machine bases, machine guards, test stands, carts, and more. We’ve assembled thousands of structures, ranging from simple to quite intricate.

Our focus is on providing specific solutions to our client’s needs and according to their requirements. We use a wide breadth of products from 80/20 Aluminum Extrusions, Built Systems and more to deliver effective solutions for manufacturing floor applications.

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Streamline Production Line & Enhance Efficiency

Our team excels in designing and implementing sophisticated robotic systems, integrated control solutions, and advanced machinery that streamline production lines and enhance efficiency. We have capabilities to work closely with clients to optimize their manufacturing needs by designing and implementing integrated control solutions and advanced machinery. Together we can optimize manufacturing operations with vision components and other mechatronics.

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